Terms & Conditions


Product pricing is acknowledged and sold at retail price, Sarasota, FL. Unless otherwise noted, applicable up charges, fabric costs, freight delivery or miscellaneous charges are invoiced as separate items. Prices, specifications, measurements and materials are subject to change without notice.


All orders require full payment at time of order. Any additional balance is due prior to shipment.


All orders must be received, accepted and acknowledged by Blu Home in Sarasota, FL. No other offer or representative has the authority to accept orders on behalf of Blu Home. Receipt of our acknowledgement indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions as described here and on invoices.


Cancellations and changes to an order will not be accepted without factory approval, if applicable. Additional fees may apply for approved cancelled or changed orders.


All claims as to breakage, damage, or shortage must be made aware to Blu Home immediately and within Five (5) days of receipt and we will help to facilitate the claim and replace the item. When accepting blanket wrapped delivery, carefully inspect all pieces and note any damage on receipts. Promptly file any claim with Blu Home. When accepting cartoned shipments, note any external carton damage since you are entitled to make claims for concealed freight damage bearing in mind the need for processing a timely claim. Keep damaged cartons for inspection. Regardless of any damage claims, adjustment or final adjudication of claims, our invoices are due in full as presented.

Blu Home cannot guarantee the arrival time of any shipment.


No custom, special order or non-inventory merchandise may be returned without proper authorization from the manufacturer. All returns must be prepaid by shipper. Merchandise will not be accepted if shipped collect or without proper return paperwork/number. Inventory accessories (books, jewelry, plates, candles, bags) in original/new condition may be exchanged or returned within 10 days of purchase. We will not refund any merchandise received at our store later than 10 days from your original receipt. If you have any questions regarding our return policy, please contact us via email at shopbluhome@gmail.com.


Blu Home product lines each carry specific warranties on their product that passes to our clients with their purchase. Warranties do have specific limitations. We accept no liability for breakage due to misuse or excessive wear and tear. Correct product specification for particular application is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Warranties may not cover any costs for labor, removal, installation or freight of items covered by warranty. Blu Home assumes no liability for commercial loss or consequential damages that may arise as a result of any product defect or fault. It is understood that these limitations of remedy and liability are part of the terms and conditions of purchase of product offered by Blu Home product and by placing an order, the buyer accepts these limitations.


Yardages are based on 54” wide plain material cut railroaded from the roll. For coverings with stripes, plaids, patterns or narrow widths or cut into the roll additional yardage will be required. Because of the width range of weaves and filaments used in upholstery fabrics, we do not assume any liability as to wear, damages, seam slippage, fading, pilling, wrinkling, dye variations or any other problems related to C.O.M. covers. We assume that all covers have been inspected by the seller of the cover and are up to their standards.

Leather requirements are based on full size hides. Small sized hides will require additional square footage and additional seaming. Such orders are subject to additional charge.

Additional leather might be required due to irregular hides shapes or markings. Bear in mind that leather is a natural product. Scars, wrinkles, pockmarks and other natural imperfections are part of the natural beauty of leather and should be expected when using leather.


Wood is natural product. Bear in mind that certain marks and variations in color or graining are intrinsic to this product and should be expected. Finish samples are only presented as representative of color or graining and are not presented as exact matches. While all efforts are made to provide consistent and accurate color matches, no absolute guarantee is made or implied.



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